Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's a beautiful day to be a Maven. January box review.

    If you're an avid wanderer in the beauty community then you know there are many different companies that offer monthly subscriptions, from diy (whimseybox), to makeup (too many to name), to what I'm about to share with you, nail polish. Welcome to the Julep box! Julep's website offers many products for nail care, from beautiful shades of polish to nailpolish removing pads and so on. But, in order to save a few bucks (which is what I love to do) you can become a Maven and sign up for their monthly subscription for twenty dollars, which is great seeing as some of their polishes run for 14 bucks. They even have a personality quiz so you can discover what kind of maven you are and get personalized boxes. Or if you want to try something new you can go ahead and check out another style's box. AND you can even send a box to a friend! I'm a bombshell(;

Here's how my box came!
 I received two polishes and some quick dry drops. (thank god because I have ZERO patience)

These are the two polishes I got, Mae, a soft lavender with a very beautiful satin finish (found here), and Margot, a nice shimmery "hollywood gold" (found here). I love the finish of Mae, if you can't imagine a satin finish (in case you're not a nail expert like myself) it's kind of matte and looks really sweet. And for Margot, OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS COLOR. I've purchased a box before, and received a nice shimmery forest green color and loved it as well, but felt like it was a bit difficult to fully take off.

      Here is a picture of both polishes with one and two coats alone, no base or top coat. Sorry my nails are ugly!
Hope you enjoyed!

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