Monday, March 31, 2014

♡REVIEW♡: Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream

I'm excited to review my first sponsored product, but of course I must announce one thing;

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Studio Gear but only to provide both them and you with a 110% completely honest review. I would never lie about a product, I'm too harsh. I thank Studio Gear for the opportunity and hope you find this review helpful*

Okay, now on to the fun stuff. Thanks to BrandBacker and Studio Gear I was able to receive the SG Hydrating CC Cream (found here). Normally this product is $34, but luckily they gave me a 10% off code to share with my lovely followers, bloggercc. 
My first impression of the product was pretty much "this so isn't going to match me!" It looked crazy white and I couldn't figure out why my shade was called "natural", but silly me didn't read the back which clearly stated that there were encapsulated pigments. Once I finally blended it out on my hand I did see that it was more of a natural color. As a CC cream, it is supposed to be a color correcting cream, something that I feel like my face really needs. I went ahead and applied the product onto my face and I did see that my skin looked more of a natural color. I was completely barefaced before so I immediately felt the hydration, also something my face really needed. I'm assuming CC cream is a bit like BB creams, in the sense that it's not full coverage but more of a light coverage. While I do look natural I still see a bit of my imperfections, but prefer this over being barefaced. I apologize for not having a 'before' picture, I was just really excited to try this baby out! 

All in all, I believe this product is perfect for when you don't feel comfortable going out with a naked face, but don't feel like caking on your makeup. I'm sure I'll love this product over my normal foundation for when the weather starts to get blistering hot, especially with its SPF 20. I truly do love how hydrating it is, and this product is making its home in my makeup bag!

Don't forget to purchase this product here
and enter the promo code bloggercc for 10% off.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do not fear change.

With a new season comes a new hairstyle. I would love to be as daring as many other people and chop my hair off, but I've been growing out this mane for a reason! And of course, I love having blue-black hair so that's not going anywhere anytime soon. I haven't had straight bangs since freshman year!(four years ago). Coachella is a month away, maybe I'll dye it another color? I hate to have my skin limit me, but I really can't see myself looking good with any other hair color, sigh.

Along with my hair I've had other changes in my life, the main one being that I got into my first car accident this month. It wasn't anything too serious, I was hit from behind by a van that was also hit from behind. The damage to my poor 2007 Toyota Corolla wasn't even anything severe but it was enough to total my car, forcing my mom to shop for a new one. After a week of appointments -doctors, dentist, insurance peeps, car dealers- I ended up with the greatest car ever, a 2011 Volkswagon Jetta! I really do love my new car, I've named HER Jenny, but have the habit of calling her simply "The Jetta". I do miss my Korin, (my Corolla), she was a good car and we went everywhere together, but she wouldn't want me to refrain from driving all because of a broken heart. Can you tell I'm easily attached to things? I myself didn't have much damage, just some soft tissue damage, a little whiplash, and muscle spasms. Nothing serious, but enough to get me physical therapy and wimpy muscle relaxers.

I've spent and am spending this month prepping for Coachella, I used a bit of the money from the pain and suffering part of my settlement to fund my shopping needs once I'm actually in Cali, and I have my outfits all sorted! I'll go into that soon, I'm really excited to share with you though!

Till next time, Gabi.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

So Exciting!

I don't know if it's because it's the beginning of spring, if it's because forever 21 is now stocked in floral prints, or because it's my birth-month...but I love March! Well, it's most likely the ladder. This year I'm more excited about my birthday than I've ever been because, I'm turning eighteen! Save the date because it's the 29th (: I don't know what my plans will be on that day, but it's a Saturday so that gives me countless opportunities. 

But the fact that it's March also reminds me that Coachella is just around the corner and I haven't even saved any money )': nor do I have that fancy Canon Rebel T3i that I desperately want, but my friend is letting me borrow hers so there's that. I haven't even gone shopping for the necessary hippie-esque clothing (Vanessa Hudgens is my Coachella inspo). Gee, time flies. Even though it's my birth-month I did not lose sight of the frugal person I am, I'm looking forward to my free Sephora beauty insider gift and I've signed up for plenty of birthday freebies.

I have so much I want to rant on but I'll save it for another post. Do you guys know what a Marimo is? Well if you don't don't worry, I'll write a post on it soon!

Also, MessyBunsUndone finally reached 50 followers on bloglovin! Thanks guys!♡

What's your favorite thing about spring/March? 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hooray! Liebster Awards

So, I've recently been MIA and I must apologize for that. But, I've had quite a long going on, I have high school and now college classes (I get dual credit thanks to my amazing HS), I had a wonderful valentines day, and I even got a dramatic haircut! Any who, I checked my email the other day to see that I was nominated by Cortney and checked it again to discover that I was also nominated by Rachel. I don't know what to do in a situation like this so I decided to do both in one post(: It's a great opportunity for the not so known blogs and a great way for my followers to get to know me!

Here are the rules:
1. The person nominated must acknowledge the person who nominated you.2. You have to write 11 facts about yourself.3. Answer the 11 questions that the nominator asked. In my case, 22.4. Nominate 9 bloggers with less than 200 followers.5. Create 11 questions which your nominated bloggers need to answer.6. Let the 11 chosen bloggers know you've nominated them for the Liebster award.

11 Random Facts About Me:
  1. My name is Gabi
  2. I have a cat named ChloĆ© Francesca Katdashian 
  3. I go to an early college high school which lets me take college courses
  4. I can play the cello, some piano, and I started learning guitar but gave up.
  5. I'm OBSESSED with cats
  6. I love Greys Anatomy
  7. I'm afraid of pigeons 
  8. I live in Texas!
  9. I don't eat red meat 
  10. My major is psychology
  11. I turn eighteen in March(':

Rachel's Questions:

1. What inspired you to make a blog? I would always follow blogs and I loved how they could voice their opinions, share their ideas, and basically just use their blog as an outlet. I love knowing that someone out there cares about what I have to say!

2. Who is your style icon? I honestly don't have one. I really love grungy yet everyday looks though, and I spend a lot of time on looking for just that.

3. Favourite drugstore and high end makeup brand? Drugstore, maybelline, mainly for mascara though. As for high end, I don't own enough of one brand to choose!

4. Meaning behind your blog name? I love messy buns and I'm pretty sure it reflects how crazy my live can be sometimes (x

5. Favourite season? Fall!

6. The last thing you purchased? I bought a marimo! (basically a pet moss ball)

7. What is your dream job? I would love to work at hobby lobby! 

8. Would you ever start a youtube channel or do you already have one? Maybe if I had a nice camera :p

9. What is your style? It ranges from punk rock to girly. I like to switch it up!

10. Who is your idol? Beyonce, she's a queen.

11. Lastly, favourite tv show? King of the hill, don't ask me why.

Cortneys Questions: 

1. What is your star sign? I'm an Aries!

2. Where in the world do you live? Texas

3. What is your favourite type of tea? Lemon, yum!

4. What is one unusual thing you do everyday? I make my bed BEFORE I go to sleep.

5. What is one snack you can't live without? Fruit Smiles

6. Teach us how to customize one cool thing on blogger? I can't think of anything ):

7. What got you started on blogging? I already answered this, so skip.

8. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Happy!

9. What is your favourite sport? Does cat-cuddling count?

10. What camera do you use the most? My iPhones camera(:

11. What advice would you give to fellow bloggers? This is a little cliche, but be yourself. There are others out there who think the same way as you and they're looking for a blogger to speak for them.

Now my questions to you:
What is your favorite thing about blogging?
What's the furthest you've traveled from home?
When's your birthday?
What's your favorite beauty product?
What's your favorite app on your phone?
How was your valentines day?
What's your ritual before bed?
GFC of Bloglovin?
Cats or dogs? (please say cats!)
Where's your happy place?
What is one thing you love about yourself?

Sorry for the delay in posts! Also I've received more nominations for the liebster award but couldn't respond to them, but thank you if you nominated me!

I nominate these people, but feel free to answer and tag me if you want, I love reading these...

well gee, I can only come up with these people ): I havent kept up with you guys, sorry!