Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY leather bow

Before I begin, let me just say that I apologize for not having posted a Cheap Thursday last week. I really wanted the "start the year off cute" post to be good for you guys, so I didn't really have much time for a CT, BUT I promise you, just like all items on CT, everything was (or should be) under 20 bucks. *aside from the backpacks, but they're worth the few extra bucks*

Any who, back to the DIY. Now, in order for you all to get a deeper understanding as to what kind of person I am, I must warn you that I am a "wannabe crafter". What I mean by this is that I am constantly on pinterest looking under the DIY label, seeing crafts I'd like to do but will probably never feel motivated enough to. BUT when I stumbled across Mom Spark's DIY Leather Hair Bow tutorial I figured I could do it seeing that I had some leathery material laying around from a small project I did for halloween. Now unfortunately I didn't take any pictures while making this, because I hadn't thought about sharing this with you, but I shall do my best to explain the steps. (You can always refer to the Mom Spark page, it's their tutorial).
just an example, not exact
The blue dotted line is your width, mine is around two inches. Your length is all for you to decide, I'd say mine was around eight inches long, but that's just a guess.

Photo: Mom Spark
Fold your bow like so. To save yourself from sewing, a hot glue gun gets the job done!

Photo: Mom Spark

Once your bow is squished to your liking, cut another piece of fabric  to wrap around the center of your bow, then glue into place.

Optional: You can now add a clip/bobby pin so you can show this off in your hair. Mom spark glued on alligator clips, but I just stuck in a bobby pin and it worked just fine.

I went and glued the sides of my bow merely because I didn't like the hole that was left behind.

There you go! A no-sew bow!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!


  1. Such a cute bow! & it looks lovely in your hair! :D
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  2. GREAT Job!!!


  3. This is such a cute idea! I love your follower!


  4. This is so cool, definitely gonna try it :)