Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Start the year off cute!

Taking some inspiration from Jasmine Blu and Thanks, I Made It, I've decided to share with you my cute school/organization must-haves! Now because this blog revolves around cheap yet adorable things I promise to keep everything realistic - girl, I'm not about to pay 30 bucks for an agenda that's not even adorable. While I'm aware that school has been in session for months now, I believe that it's never to late to be cute or stay organized!
Now I originally found Dainty because of their super cute (and cheap) hello kitty calculator, but after some more browsing I found out that not only do they have cute backpacks, but they have one reviewed by the adorable Jasmine Blu herself. She recently did a DIY using that backpack, and you can see her adorable sheets in the picture above. I should also mention that they have cute girly clothes! Definitely checking them out again.

Petite Marmalade has become one of my favorite stores. All the supplies they have are SO FREAKING CUTE, from their notebooks and pencil cases to their selection of various pens -might I add that they have CAT PENS?! UGH I LOVE IT! They have way more than what's pictured, so I really suggest you check them out!


  1. So cute! I wish I was still in school to enjoy stationary properly! However I vow that when I have children, they can enjoy things like this! :)
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    1. Being in my senior year I'm sad that I didn't do this sooner! But I'll definitely keep my girly side through college and maybe even work. Glad you liked it!

  2. aw I love the blog! im definatly going to check it out, it reminds me of cath kidson <3 xx