Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tame your mane!

Okay, so let me just warn you now that I am the laziest person when it comes to doing hair. While the messy bun is my go-to hairstyle (I mean, look at my blog's name!) I eventually come back to the simplest of hair styles, the natural look. My natural hair is wavy and straight, but more on the straight side. And ever since I got a haircut -two months ago I believe- every time I straighten my hair I imagine it sizzling and eventually falling out just from one go. I'm bent on protecting my hair from heat, we had split ends, let's try to avoid those. So yeah, I'm basically on a heat-free binge. But let's get to the point here.

Now let me explain my routine to you,

I wash my hair every other day, and take showers in the night. Those 8+ hours of sleep prevent my from having too much frizz. If I do happen to take a shower in the morning, I'll throw some of this baby in. Dove Nourishing Dry Ends Serum. It has a pump which I prefer because I tend to get a bit too crazy when I'm using a hair serum with a spritzer. This stuff isn't magic or anything, but it gives some life and shine to my hair after shampoo sucks all of it out.

Here's the magic potion. Lush's Shine So Bright split end treatment (9.95) is a life saver! It's a composed of a bunch of junk (all natural of course) like shea butter, coconut oil, eggs, etc, etc. It has a sent of rosewood which I'm not really fond of, but I just go and mask it with some perfume. It's basically a balm that you rub all over your palm, and run through your hair. I use this stuff like crazy! I usually throw some on in the morning when I'm late to school and my hair needs some help. It helps split ends, cures fly aways, and even tames my frizz!

Watch the video on how to use this product!

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