Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do not fear change.

With a new season comes a new hairstyle. I would love to be as daring as many other people and chop my hair off, but I've been growing out this mane for a reason! And of course, I love having blue-black hair so that's not going anywhere anytime soon. I haven't had straight bangs since freshman year!(four years ago). Coachella is a month away, maybe I'll dye it another color? I hate to have my skin limit me, but I really can't see myself looking good with any other hair color, sigh.

Along with my hair I've had other changes in my life, the main one being that I got into my first car accident this month. It wasn't anything too serious, I was hit from behind by a van that was also hit from behind. The damage to my poor 2007 Toyota Corolla wasn't even anything severe but it was enough to total my car, forcing my mom to shop for a new one. After a week of appointments -doctors, dentist, insurance peeps, car dealers- I ended up with the greatest car ever, a 2011 Volkswagon Jetta! I really do love my new car, I've named HER Jenny, but have the habit of calling her simply "The Jetta". I do miss my Korin, (my Corolla), she was a good car and we went everywhere together, but she wouldn't want me to refrain from driving all because of a broken heart. Can you tell I'm easily attached to things? I myself didn't have much damage, just some soft tissue damage, a little whiplash, and muscle spasms. Nothing serious, but enough to get me physical therapy and wimpy muscle relaxers.

I've spent and am spending this month prepping for Coachella, I used a bit of the money from the pain and suffering part of my settlement to fund my shopping needs once I'm actually in Cali, and I have my outfits all sorted! I'll go into that soon, I'm really excited to share with you though!

Till next time, Gabi.


  1. Aww your hairstyle suits you well now! :P And thank goodness you weren't hurt from the car incident. Hope Jenny has a long life!! :P hehe

  2. I like the bangs. I've had long hair for years and I recently cut it right under my shoulders..I love it! That sucks to hear about the accident. It must of been scary. I'm terrified of car accidents. Be safe in your new Jetta!! :)