Monday, March 31, 2014

♡REVIEW♡: Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream

I'm excited to review my first sponsored product, but of course I must announce one thing;

*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Studio Gear but only to provide both them and you with a 110% completely honest review. I would never lie about a product, I'm too harsh. I thank Studio Gear for the opportunity and hope you find this review helpful*

Okay, now on to the fun stuff. Thanks to BrandBacker and Studio Gear I was able to receive the SG Hydrating CC Cream (found here). Normally this product is $34, but luckily they gave me a 10% off code to share with my lovely followers, bloggercc. 
My first impression of the product was pretty much "this so isn't going to match me!" It looked crazy white and I couldn't figure out why my shade was called "natural", but silly me didn't read the back which clearly stated that there were encapsulated pigments. Once I finally blended it out on my hand I did see that it was more of a natural color. As a CC cream, it is supposed to be a color correcting cream, something that I feel like my face really needs. I went ahead and applied the product onto my face and I did see that my skin looked more of a natural color. I was completely barefaced before so I immediately felt the hydration, also something my face really needed. I'm assuming CC cream is a bit like BB creams, in the sense that it's not full coverage but more of a light coverage. While I do look natural I still see a bit of my imperfections, but prefer this over being barefaced. I apologize for not having a 'before' picture, I was just really excited to try this baby out! 

All in all, I believe this product is perfect for when you don't feel comfortable going out with a naked face, but don't feel like caking on your makeup. I'm sure I'll love this product over my normal foundation for when the weather starts to get blistering hot, especially with its SPF 20. I truly do love how hydrating it is, and this product is making its home in my makeup bag!

Don't forget to purchase this product here
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  1. I don't think I've heard about this brand before. Nice review, the hydration and SPF... definitely needed :)
    I follow you via gfc #17 and bloglovin #56, hope you can follow back:) xx Maja